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National Convention Resources

Here are some resources that we have been discussing during KKΨAA sessions. We will continue to update this pages with more documents as needed.

NatCon Alumni Schedule (updated 7/18)

Alumni Session Minutes

Proposed KKΨAA Constitutional Revisions and Dues Structure Changes

Final Report of AABOD Chair

Submit Questions About Proposed KKΨAA Changes

Answers to Submitted Questions about Proposed Changes

Workshop Materials 

Building an Ideal Team for Your Workplace  Presented by Greg Boike ( and Mike Lindsay ( View Presentation PDF

Creating a Vision to Achieve Your Personal Goals Presented by Kelly Nellis ( and Alaina Peters ( View Presentation PDF

Dealing with Difficult People (And How to Bring Out the Best In Others) Presented by Kate Rohrich ( and Darin Martin ( View Presentation PDF

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