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Local Alumni Associations

Local Alumni Associations (LAAs) are a great avenue for Alumni to continue to connect and provide service to the fraternity. LAAs may cover any particular geographic area, and/or may be affiliated with one or several chapters or universities. LAAs affiliated with a chapter or university must operate with the approval of that university’s Director of Bands and Chapter Sponsor.


Any Local Alumni Association of the KKΨAA may be established and maintained jointly between brothers of KKΨ and sisters of TBΣ. However, these LAAs must simultaneously meet all requirements of the TBΣΑΑ and KKΨAA to remain active in good standing.

Each LAA, with the support of the AABOD, determines how to best meet the needs of its members, through musicianship, social, and service activities. Prior to official recognition as a Local Alumni Association, each group will develop annual and long-term goals, an officer structure, and a recruiting plan for new members.

Why Form a LAA?

There are many different reasons to form a LAA. Some reasons include:

  • You have a desire to continue serving college and university bands.

  • You are looking for organized ways to continue to give back to chapters and/or college bands.

  • You are looking to make new professional connections.

  • You are looking for other individuals that want to advocate for music.

  • You want to meet new people with a shared love for Kappa Kappa Psi.

  • You want to reconnect with alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi.

How Do I Start an LAA?

Interested in starting a Local Alumni Association? Check out this guide to starting one!

What LAAs Already Exist?

Moved to a new area? Looking to connect with local brothers or get in touch with an old network? Check out the directory of existing LAAs!

Upcoming LAA Events

See what events and activities other alumni brothers and LAAs around the nation have coming up!

LAA Resources

Section Coming Fall 2024!

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