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The Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association

The Alumni Association accepts direct donations to help support our alumni specific programming and endeavors. Donors have the ability to direct their donations to a specific area of the alumni association, which came at the request of our members during the 2019 National Conventions. These donations can be set up for periodic payments or can be one time donations. 

Alumni Association programming efforts you can designate to support: 

  • Matching Grants for Local Alumni Associations

  • Matching Grants for Individuals (e.g. Brothers who are Teachers who may need more classroom support)

  • Grants for Personal Development

NOTE:  If you select a periodically recurring payment option, the periodic draft date will align with the date you submit your donation (i.e. if you make a monthly recurring donation on December 20th, the next draft date for the recurring donation will be January 20th). 


To make changes to your periodic payment plan, please contact Di Spiva at National Headquarters at (405) 372-2333.

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