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There are many ways to donate...

The KKPsi Alumni Association provides the opportunity for active members, alumni, family, friends, and supporters of our organization to make tax-deductible charitable support of the Fraternity’s endeavors. Contributions to the organization provide the margin of excellence to deliver scholarships, grants, educational and leadership programs, as well as tools and resources to the Fraternity’s membership. 

The Giving Program

Learn about the Fraternity's flagship giving program for actives, alumni, family and friends to set up ongoing contributions and earn life membership credits

Donate to KKPsi AA

Help support the Alumni Association and their activities through periodic or a one time donation

Max Mitchell Grant

Looking to support students participating in the National Intercollegiate Band (NIB)? Consider donating to the Max Mitchell Grant Program!

Other Ways to Donate

Employer Matching Gifts, Life Insurance, Include KKPsi in your will, etc.

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