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(9.101) The standing committees of the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association shall be Awards, Communications, Membership, Programs and Professional Development, and Revenue and Fundraising. (9.102) The Chair of the AABOD may, at their discretion, create ad hoc committees and appoint such members as necessary.

Our Committees

Following the 2023 National Convention, we put out a call for committee volunteers, and we were thrilled by the enthusiastic response from our members. Chair Marina Peña Guiot meticulously reviewed each submission, identifying a dedicated group of members for each committee. We express our gratitude to every member who demonstrated interest in committee service. The start date for the committee appointments is August 6, 2023. We extend our sincere thanks to all our members for your trust, support, and active involvement!



Communications Committee

Dionicio Cardenas - AABOD

Helen Capehart, Victoria Liu, Jeffrey Makinster, Daniel Miller, Tony Shelton, Samuel Dinkins III, Mike Harris, Felicitas Peters, Issac Frank, Shamara Williams
Kyle Yapp, Demarcus Oglesby, Teddy Howell , Wes Utsler, Brian Collins, Trever Armstrong, Brandon Derricho. Will Johnston, Kyle Thompson, Steven McIntyre, Joey Sacino, Mike Napolitano, Carrie Anderson 

Liz Duncan (Chair), Mia Harvey (The Encore Chair), Savannah Reed (Archives and History Chair), Macy Salem (Blog Lead), Jordan Barnes, Rebekah Franolich, James Kang, Michael Ingenito, Anthony Montalto, Lea Sanchez, Seferina Baca, Coco Drane, Morgan Landry, Mark Almeida, Abigail Tropp, Collin Alekson

Programs & Professional Development Committee

Greg Boike - AABOD

Brittany Woodruff, Oliver Kou, Tony Shelton, Chris Carpenter, Erica Hamilton, Kelton Lee Ashcraft, Kyle Yapp, Eduardo Higareda, Molly Schaefer, Mykalea Earnhardt, Sara Hofschneider, Christopher Burke, Callie Christiansen, Louis Lemons, Laura Borzellieri, Kathrine (Katie) Boyer, J. Hunter Moreland, Tyler Stump, Keelia Decker, Michael Land, Natasha Helme, Rachael Baca, Coco Drane, Kellee Massey-Ruhlman, Benjamin Williams Jr., Melvin Johnson-Norwood, Chris Curran, Paula Kyser, Randy Strat



Miranda Cook - AABOD

Abraham Anthony, III, Chad Moore, Elissa Travis, Kiara Penn, Ruben Anfoso, Jr., Garret Gardenhire, Calvin Evans, Anthony Stephens-Lynch, Myles Raynor, Miaka Kemp, Kristen Davis, Kendrick Smith, Nancy (Leanne) Rhoades, Brandon Inciso, Kelly Miller, Soph Greenwood, Michael Edwards, Jon Guiot, Christopher Hubbard, Trever Armstrong, Michael Coppola, Frederick Bowers, Jessica Needham

Revenue & Fundraising Committee

Michael Blander - AABOD

Adam Connolly (Chair), Talia Green, Sarah Casias, Mike Lindsay, Ken Corbett, Tom Watterson, Jason Mlady, Preston Ramsey, Julian McDaniel, Kevin Poplar, Victor Whitney

Jurisdiction Committee

Brittany Biberston - AABOD

Viet Nguyen, Darryl Barrios, Carrie Anderson, Isaac Frank, Sarah Casias, Keelia Decker, Daniel Lester, Alexis Barlow, Joseph Cunningham, Hunter Moreland, Sen Damon, Ian Walton, Ed Savoy, Anthony Goodin, Nic Aquila, Jo Beatty, Jessica Needham, Tom Watterson

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