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2021-2022 Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is for our Brothers to connect and support each other. Anyone can be either a mentor or a mentee (or both!). For example, you may be able to provide mentorship for a transitioning graduating senior, but be looking for advice professionally. Go ahead and fill out both forms and let us know! 

Ideally, a mentor is someone who feels confident in (1) providing industry related professional guidance, (2) can give advice for how to successfully transition post-graduation, or (3) can connect and discuss personal goals and obstacles. 


Oppositely, a mentee is someone who is looking for advice or guidance in one of the above areas and wants to connect and learn from another Brother! 

How the Mentorship Program Works 

Once you sign up to be either a mentor or a mentee, members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors (AABOD) will make mentee/mentor pairs based on the answers you provided in the sign up form. We ask about your professional life, your interests, and what you are looking for. 

We’ll send out mentorship pairs and then host a group call to kick things off. 


Then you’ll recieve monthly prompts via email to discuss with your mentee/mentor over email or another method of communication that you both agree on. A member of the AABOD will periodically check in between prompts and we will also hold periodic calls with all participants in the Mentorship Pogram. 

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