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The Kappa Kappa Psi Giving Program

Honor the tradition of Kappa Kappa Psi with your support for the future of college and university bands. As actives, alumni, family, and/or friends of our proud organization, your gifts allow the fraternity to uphold the five principles of our creed and support active and alumni members alike in their goal to always Strive for the Highest!

The Giving Program is a donation program designed for those who find monthly contributions to Kappa Kappa Psi more manageable than an annual donation. It is intended to build a “culture of giving” among Brothers, family, and friends of our Fraternity. The Program also allows individuals to earn life membership credits for themselves, or to gift to other brothers among other benefits and recognition. Whether you’ve given in the past or want to give for the first time, the best way to support the fraternity is through the Giving Program.

How Does This Work?

Instead of writing checks  or making online donations periodically or at tax time, donors will be able to choose based on their budget from among eight different contribution levels. Monthly contributions will automatically be bill your credit/debit card or bank account. This sustained, regular pattern of giving is a powerful way to show your pride and support for our Fraternity, its ongoing commitment to college and university bands, and the growth of alumni involvement.  In addition, participants will receive an annual statement detailing their prior year’s contributions that are tax deductible.

Where Does My Money Go?

Donations through the Giving Program support the primary objectives of the organization, allocated as follows:

  • 60% to Kappa Kappa Psi’s Fraternal and Alumni Association programs, initiatives, and activities

  • 27.5% to the Fraternity’s Trust Fund

  • 12.5% to the Fraternity’s general funds.


In this way, your donations support Kappa Kappa Psi’s membership, and build the Trust for the National Intercollegiate Band and other capital programs and projects.

How Do I Earn Life Membership Credits?

 "Life Member Credits” are a benefit you can only earn through the Giving Program. 60% of every dollar you contribute earns a Life Member Credit. Once you accumulate 500 credits, a Life Membership is yours. Each monthly contribution builds so that Brothers, even at the $10 level, will eventually earn a Life Membership in Kappa Kappa Psi. It’s the easiest way to both donate, support the fraternity, and earn Life Membership simultaneously.

Giving Levels and Life Member Credits

$10/month  =  6 Credits per month   =  84 Months to earn LM

$19/month  =  11 Credits per month   =  46 Months to earn LM

$25/month  =  15 Credits per month   =  34 Months to earn LM

$40/month  =  24 Credits per month   =  21 Months to earn LM

$50/month  =  30 Credits per month   =  17 Months to earn LM

$75/month  =  45 Credits per month   =  12 Months to earn LM

$100/month  =  60 Credits per month  =  9 Months to earn LM

$250/month  =  150 Credits per month   =  4 Months to earn LM

What If I Am Already a Life Member? Or Not a Brother?

You will still earn Life Membership credits that you can gift to another brother, a loved one, or donate back to the alumni association to gift to a deserving brother or honorary of the fraternity.

Other Benefits of the Giving Program

As a thank you for helping to Honor the tradition of Kappa Kappa Psi with your support for the future of collegiate bands other benefits besides Life Membership Credit’s include:


  • Being inscribed in the records of the Fraternity as a Benefactor.

  • Recognition in the official publication of the Fraternity, the Podium.

  • Recognition at all Conventions.

  • Promotion of you giving away a Life Membership through social media and/or the Encore or the Podium.

  • The ability to earmark a portion of your contribution to the program most important to you.

  • Periodic video/conference calls with Board of Trustee and National Leadership members to hear about fraternal projects and activities, and to ask questions (available currently to Alumni only).

  • A brick recognizing benefactors who have earned/awarded at least 10 Life Memberships, at the National Headquarters in Stillwater, Oklahoma (Bricks will be updated every 10 subsequent Life Memberships awarded).

  • A Plaque recognizing benefactors who have earned/awarded at least 10 Life Memberships, at the National Headquarters in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Additional benefits are being discussed and may be added in the future.

How Can I Make Changes to My Giving Program Contributions?

To make changes to your contribution level, call the National Headquarters at 405-372-2333 and speak with Di Spiva.

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