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BOHTalks, sort of like TED Talks are opportunities for individual brothers to take 10-ish minutes or so to share information about a topic in which they are an expert or are very passionate about. These are more freeform than the scripted Fire-psi-de Chats and folks are encouraged to be creative in what they submit. These can also be great opportunities for someone to practice their public speaking on a favorite topic.

What topics are we focused on? There aren't many restrictions, but the general focus is on Brothers Offering Help—(BOH!) The goal is to have a place where people can share everything from strategies for professional growth, new skills, tips for adulting, motivational talks, and more! And the more of these we get, the bigger (and better organized) of a library of topics we'll have.

For more information please contact Greg Boike, 2023-2025 Programs and Professional Development Director at

We would like to thank Erika Lynn Goss, alumni of the Nu Zeta Chapter at Pennwest Edinboro University, for creating our program's logo. 

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