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Dr. David Lamar Oakley (Delta Gamma) 1930-2015

However, his involvement was not limited strictly to the UMR campus, Dr. Oakley also served as District V Governor (1975-77), National Secretary/Treasurer (1977-79), National Vice President (1979-1981) and as the installing officer for a number of chapters including Eta Upsilon, Theta Rho, and Eta Pi.  As a cap to his service, Dr. Oakley was elected to the position of National President of Kappa Kappa Psi in August 1981. During the 1981-83 biennium, a formal chapter visitation program was instituted. At Dr. Oakley’s request, the position of Second Vice President (currently known as the Vice President for Professional Relations) was restored to provide visibility with the band profession. Dr. Oakley addressed the idea of ‘long life’ in a prospective member’s thinking, emphasizing full participation in college band and the fraternity until graduation.

Dr. Oakley presided over the 32nd Biennial Convention in 1983 at Texas Tech University. Robert Jager’s Stars and Stripes Variations received its premiere performance by the National Intercollegiate Band in the University Center. Dr. Donald Hunsberger served as guest conductor and James Sudduth provided support as the host conductor.


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