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2023 Zachary Stoddard Young Alumni Award: Kelton Ashcraft

At the 2023 National Convention, we had the honor of awarding a Zachary Stoddard Young Alumni Award to Kelton L. Ashcraft, Life Member of the Zeta Xi Chapter at Tyler Jr. College. The Zachary Stoddard Young Alumni Award is named in honor of Nu Alpha Life Member and past J. Lee Burke Student Achievement Award Recipient Zachary Stoddard. Brother Stoddard was a pure soul, a warm heart, and a friend to everyone he met. We continue his legacy by awarding young alumni who exemplify the values of the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association.

A testimony of his service reads, "Kelton has never made me feel like it was just Kappa Kappa Psi or just Tau Beta Sigma, but both organizations at all times. The Southwest District Alumni Association (SWDAA) was lucky to have him on our board of directors for the biennium. I see Kelton rising above any adversity he faces along the way and always putting the fraternity first when the time is right. He is a lifelong brother and will always serve the fraternity. Kelton will continue to uphold the legacy brothers like Zach left behind and will never take that for granted".

Please help us congratulate our 2023 Zachary Stoddard Young Alumni Award recipient, Kelton L. Ashcraft. #KKPsiAA #KKPsiAlumni #ZachStoddardYoungAlumniAward

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