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Have you reported your 2016-2017 Graduating Seniors?

Dear Brother President,

Before the end of the semester completely takes over your remaining available brain cells, I wanted to make sure that you were up to speed with what the Fraternity and the KKPsi Alumni Association (KKPsiAA) needs from you in regards to your end of year reporting of Graduating Seniors.

First off, each Graduating Senior MUST log into the OMRS and confirm that the contact information in their profile is accurate.  Combined with the Graduating Senior Report, this update is what is functionally the membership form for their complimentary year of KKPsiAA Membership.  No paper form is needed.  We highly recommend that Brothers use their professional email address, and not the student email address established by the college or university. We need to be able to contact you for years to come.  A school based email address isn’t reliable, and may be shut down by the school with no notice to the Alumni.

Next, I want to review which forms to use for reporting status changes to Alumni.

Each chapter with Graduating Seniors MUST complete the Graduating Seniors Report (GSR) at least twice an academic year. Submit as many of the GSRs in an academic year as you need to!  For Spring and Summer 2017 graduates, please submit the GSRs immediately.  If you have not submitted a GSR reflecting your Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 graduates, please do so ASAP!  If any of your Graduating Seniors are currently listed as officers in the OMRS, you will need to complete an Officer & Chapter Update before the GSR can be processed.

If a member terminates their affiliation with the College/University without graduating, please submit a Chapter Personnel Update (CPU) to report status changes to Alumni status.  Per the National Constitution, Alumni members of the Fraternity shall be those Active, Associate or Conditional members of the Fraternity who have completed their education or who have terminated their affiliation with their college or university. This report can also be submitted as often as necessary throughout the year.

If a Brother currently holds Inactive status, they cannot be submitted for Alumni status on either form.  There is a separate process for Inactive Reinstatement that is not associated with these forms.

From reviewing all of the reported Alumni to-date in the 2016-17 KKPsiAA membership year, we have 25% of those Brothers with the strong likelihood of having been incorrectly reported in the OMRS.  Almost 300 Brothers have potentially missed out on their complimentary first year membership in the KKPsiAA because the Graduating Seniors Report was not used.

One last point – get the Graduating Seniors Report under the noses of your Sponsor and/or Director of Bands at least two weeks BEFORE finals week.  If they have no reason to be on campus but for a final or two, checking their campus email account may be the least of their priorities. Don’t get your report stuck in approval limbo until late August!  The longer it takes for the report to clear all the necessary approvals, the longer it is until your future Alumni are marked correctly in the OMRS.  If they aren’t listed as Alumni, they are not granted membership in the KKPsiAA, are not permitted to join any Local Alumni Associations, and may not be eligible to become Life Members.  Also, incomplete Graduating Seniors Reports can affect the Annual Reports that each Local Alumni Association completes in the Spring. It isn’t fair to your Alumni to neglect or delay the submission of this report!

Thank you very much for tending to these important tasks this week.  Your Brothers deserve it.

Fraternally yours,

Alison M. S. Beidler Chair/Membership Director Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association

KKΨAA Board of Directors

The Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association is dedicated to supporting the Fraternity. Recognizing that the college band experience should continue after graduation, the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association will focus its efforts on connecting and enriching members from the past, present, and future of college and university bands; promoting lifelong involvement with band; and enhancing the long-term growth and financial viability of Kappa Kappa Psi.

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