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Participate in the Mentorship Progam

Updated: Jul 19

After the initial launch of the program in 2018-2019, we have re-evaluated the program and are now kicking off the 2020 Alumni Mentorship Program!

The mentorship program is for our Brothers to connect and support each other. Anyone can be either a mentor or a mentee (or both!). For example, you may be able to provide mentorship for a transitioning graduating senior, but be looking for advice professionally. Go ahead and fill out both forms and let us know!

Ideally, a mentor is someone who feels confident in (1) providing industry-related professional guidance, (2) can give advice on how to successfully transition post-graduation, or (3) can connect and discussing personal goals and obstacles.

Oppositely, a mentee is someone who is looking for advice or guidance in one of the above areas and wants to connect and learn from another Brother!

Read more and sign up on our mentorship page.

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